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Tears of life flow

:Tears of pain. joy, relief,surrender,love,all for life..

...Poems By Me, and My Favorite Poems...

....New Poems By Me....

Harsh Teacher!


Lonely all alone

So many voices telling me where I went wrong!

Two hundred numbers in my phone

But when is comes to crying and feeling the need to be held

Nobody is there to help

What did I do wrong?

Where did my life take this long dark path?

I look back

When my life was simple with no regrets

Nothing to hold me back

But now…

Everything is driving me insane

I regret every choice I make

Every step I take my heart fills with pain and more hate

Life is a harsh teacher that’s the fact

But when will the time come

When I’ll make my first step

Into a new decision with no way back

Because there will be nothing to regret.

When will the time come that I will smile for real not fake it like I do now?


Whats Wrong?


What is wrong with the world these days?
Sex is a must
What happen to I Love You first?
I look at each and every guy and I just want to scream
They look at you as if youre a peace of meat
That they can fuck and leave!
What happen to respect for females
And appreciation
What happen to getting to know one another?
They dont even care how you feel!
Dancing in a club and having fun,
One simple touch of unknown hand
Makes you want to slap the guy and make him understand!
That you are not a toy, and youre body is yours!
They became even smarter with sweet little talks
And Ohh youre so beautiful!
But deep inside they think whats under your clothe?
Every girl needs love,
And maybe both genders would be happier if guys would just understand!
That womans body is something that needs love and care!
Maybe if males would get to know us for who we are not how we look!



Always right never wrong

You think I don’t listen

Well you’re wrong

It seems like I don’t care

But I cherish your word

I take it so deep

That it hurts

You make me regret sometimes for being born

Yet I still love you for bringing me into this complicated world.




The lights are spinning and my heart is lost

We slow dance

I am lost in your eyes

Everyone else is just a blur

All I can see is you and me

Its funny how only one dance made me feel

I fall asleep to your CD you made me feel

Spilled all your feelings by last song

I can hear you whisper in my ear the words “I love you!”

It’s all just a dream

But I know when I’ll wake up you’ll be here

Whispering the words in my ear




What Hurts the Most
You know what hurts the most?
Is that you were so close
That I heard your words
I heard you breath
I heard you whisper in my ear
On each picture you looked at me
How couldnt I see?
What hurts the most
Is that I couldnt see
How you felt for me
What hurts the most
Is that were miles apart
And youre not here to hug me when Im hurt
What hurts the most
Is that I couldnt see it in your eyes
And didnt take it seriously when others told me to look deep inside
What hurts the most
Is that I was with your friend, and I wondered why?
Why were you always by my side?
Why did you hug me so tight?
Why did you look into my eyes?
As if I was the love of your life.
Well now its clear
Your heart was breaking because I was so near
But my heart was far with him
What hurts the most
Is that now when I am miles away
I realize that you didnt just think of me as a friend
Soon Ill be by your side
And I wonder how will it be?
Will you still dream of me?
Get lost in my eyes,
And stare at me as if I was the love of your life?
Will you still be by my side?
Will you find the courage to tell me the truth?
Or will we both give up on our dream
I dream about that day every night,
But each time theres a different ending
I kiss you pull away,
I say I love you and you take me into your hands
Or will you just tell me that nothing is there?
How does it all end?
What hurts the most
Is that I only want you by my side
But that took me too long time to realize.


No More Drama in My Life
I put all that aside,
No more falling for someone who isn't right
No more crying and taking everything close to heart...
No more helping others who don't give a flying fuck...
Who cares what u think?...
And who will help u when you're in need?...
Not him that's for sure...

I'll stop making same mistake in my life,
And will stop taking the wrong road each and every night
I'll change things up and learn how to smile not cry
I'll learn how to have fun with out u by my side
Feb. 24th, 2006
Tired of trying being with you,
You accuse me of something I did not do!
When you do it you expect me to forget,
But when I made the same mistake you felt the pain
Went running of, screaming and calling me names
But when I called to tell you how much I love and care
I heard some other bitches screaming in my ear
Is it my fault?
Or was it you?
Years ago when you said I love you
When you broke my heart and returned to her?
Is this why I did what I did?
The picture of you will always remain but the mistake that you've made,
Will never take away the pain!
Since youre gone there wasnt a day when I went to sleep
Without listening to a sad love song,
And didnt cry myself to sleep
There wasnt a morning where I did not wake up with a wet face,
Because all night I saw your face
There wasnt one phone ring,
Where my heart didnt stop and I didnt hope it was your call
There wasnt a moment
Where I didnt wish that you were here holding me
There wasnt one car that passed my house
Without me wishing that it was you
There wasnt an hour without me replaying the video of you.
I cant change this feeling
And I cant change your meaning in my heart
I cant change the past
And I cant change the future of us
I remind myself every night of the lonely night
When out lives went their own separate ways
The yes, the no
I said it all wrong
Now I sit and rephrase my words.
What if I said no first would that change our path?
God, please give me one more chance
As much as I pray each night
I sinned too much to get this all right....
BY Me......


 February 10th, 2006


LoVe LiKe You Never Been Hurt


Im tired of waiting on for you
Tired of holding on to something that is no longer there
Losing your trust was something I wanted to put to task
Maybe, if I told you that I was with another you would start to care
But no, u said u forgive me, and want to be faithful till the day u die
But at the same time, u didnt show jealousy nor did you ask why
U didnt even call, to check where I was at
Its funny how I keep on coming back
Just because your excuses always make me blind.
For some reason, Im the one who lost your trust this time
But at the same time, its hard for me to trust and sleep at nigh
U have no problem carrying on with your day
And going to sleep w/ nothing on your mind.
The only time u remember to call is when I txt u bitching for no call
Every time I say goodbye, my heart starts to pound blowing out of my mind
And in my eyes pain is shown.
Im stupid for loving u and stupid for giving u this chance.
But at the same time I dream of us together till the day I die
Maybe its my destiny to be with u and always cry.
By Me...
For ....u know who u r..
Theres always that one guy
That you go crazy about
But each and every night he holds a different girl
Theyre beautiful and you think that youre nothing compared to them
Your friends tell you that hes a player and that youll get hurt
But guess what girl?
They dont understand
They say that he doesnt want a girlfriend
Every girl is a play toy for him
But you, well you see something more
You see sweetness in his eyes
You see him begging for love
You know theres a sweet side somewhere deep inside
Show him that youre not just another girl
Make him understand that your feelings are real
You feel like hes a player
You dream of his rejection at night
Well guess what girlfriend
Youll just never know,
Its not the end of the world
If he says NO
Itll make you stronger
And will make you try
But if you sit at home and hide
Youll never cry
And yes you think its better
But believe me friend its better to cry because of truth
Than cry because he doesnt know
Just go and try!
He might just see that youre the right girl who will change his world.  


By Me.....

Feb, 3rd, 2005

He'll Find Me, The One Who Will LoVe Me Not Hurt Me!



I dont know what is it about you...
that makes me cry at night...
and wish that everything is alright
i miss you, when your not here,
and scared to let this relationship go wrong...
everytime i look into your eyes my heart skips a beat,
and bleeds w/ pride...
Pride that never died...
cuz our love is stronger than before...
and nothing and nobody can take the happiness that we hold...
im scared of losing the grip on our love that took so long to build....
i smile but my eyes are filled with fear...
if i lose you again, this time, i'll never become as strong...
and i'll never know what it feels like to be the only one...
So let our love grow, like never before...
By Me...
December 4th, 2006
I am not that little foolish girl u used to know...
I am stronger now...
i put aside my feelings...
and i am not afraid to try...
to be on my own..
Ill live without you..
and no matter what...
Ill keep it real..
it's over now...
i cant go back to living w/ your lies...
to many cries...
i cant go back to being someone else...
i found my way.
its time for me to give it a try...
I dont care if i am right or wrong...
no matter what..
Ill always keep it real...
things are going to go my way...
dont even think about changing me again...
its my turn to fly high...
I realized that no matter what...
I am me..
and nobody can change that....
December 19th, 2005
He loved her with all he got
She pushed him way too far
He gave her everything a girl could dream of
She was too young
To realize what the offer really was
His heart, his soul all for the one and only…
Bitchy girl
Who never knew what smile was,
Who never felt real love
She broke his heart,
And walked away
Left him standing miles away
A year later
He found his way
He holds and kisses a beautiful girl.
And now she stands in rain and snow.
Wishing that she would be in her place
He smiles and waves
As she runs out and feel the pain.
I don’t know how to say it any other way...
and i don’t know how to show it again...
You don’t look my way, and u don’t seem to care...
You don’t even remember everything we had...
and the future we talked about...
every night and day...
Last night...
I locked my heart forever...
You proved my point...
The fact that you never did care...
I am sorry for crying...
but God only knows...
That i was true...
I'll need you forever,
like i need air and water in my life...
The tears...

they just never stop...
Like air...i need u...
i love and want you...
I pray every night...
for the past to repeat it self...
to give me one more chance...
to prove to you that everything i did
was a huge mistake...
Understand me please..
you always did...
so what’s wrong now?...
You and only You...
You make me cry...
the only guy in my life...
I ruin my life forever...
and i don’t care about nothing anymore...
because i will never find my love...
every song and every poem...everything for you..
you're my hope and my dream...
you are everything i ever wished for...
All the words you said before...
are like rocks thrown in my face...
and why did you have to write the last goodbye e-mail...
why? u hit me w/ all your words?
you have to be by my side...you have to carry on...
but u chose empty dreams..
i love and i get jealous...but i still try to go on...
i stand in the middle of the fire...yet i am still cold...
you look makes me warm inside..
you need to be by my side...you need to forgive me...
but instead you chose empty dreams...
nothing in life is easy...
Smoke in my eyes again,
I am killing myself,
and all because of loving you.
I am addicted to you,
I just took a dreg,
a look at you.
I cough,
as tears roll down my face,
it hits the floor,
and at the same time my heard skips a beat
and drops to the floor...
I am going to pretend like i found my way.
But i am still lost,
without you hugging me all day and all night long
This pack will take away my life slowly,
but this night will kill me inside shortly.
In the middle of the dance floor
you are moving as if nothing was wrong,
and you think to yourself
"Ah she doesn’t give a fuck!"
I do, i really do...i want to kiss u.
i want to be with you!
Don't look at me kissing my guy
because its your face that i see,
and your lips, i pretend, to be his.
One of the things i would like to say:
we know each other for long,
weren’t together for as half,
but something about you.
I just cant stop
thinking about that long night
you called me names
and chose to say Goodbye to my dying heart.
Why did u choose this way?
I know i fucked up
that last night by the shore,
and after that club…
I knew that you'll be missed
What is it about her?
weren't i the one you missed?
You once said,
" We are the same kind, we got to stay together,
because our country is so beautiful"
Like my fantasy once was
I don’t know what to say or do.
I want to talk to you till 3a.m.
What is wrong with you?
No more E-mails from you?!
You chose to be with a different kind!
You would go any other way,
just not my way.
I hope you come around,
i wish you wouldn't care,
about me holding his face,
i wish you would grab me,
and take me outside,
kiss and hold me till the end of the night.
I wish you would forget about the insane past…
About the fight,
About the lie!…
But instead we both choose to sit
and watch time fly by.
Till the day our love will die!
 November 26th, 2005
PS: couldnt sleep after a crazy night @ CY's...by the words u said...u should know who this is for...or about...
u might think i am stupid...but i still care...
and even tho i know that u dont...
i HOPE that one day u sit and realize what u missed...or what we both let go of...
No games…
I told u that twice ..
No regrets from my side…
No word to describe my feelings…
Cuz I liked u so…
I wish u could just look into my eyes…
And c no lies….
But that’s not the case this time…
I just cant believe..
Ur someone else…
With one kiss u had me…
I looked into ur eyes…
And saw no lies…
I wish I could do it too…
I didn’t mean to hurt u…
If I did..!
On the other hand u didn’t seem to care…
I am here for u…
If u ever need me….
I’ll be here for u…
I felt so low…
U regretting us..
Made me shake…and cry out loud in my class
I wish I would feel stronger about u…
But I just couldn’t c us together in a long run…
I am scared of being alone
In this big cold world…
I push my self to loving you
But something is not there
That lil’ peace of my mind
Telling me to leave u behind
And start looking for the right guy
I hate myself for doing this
But that’s the right choice that I have to make
I know I’ll hurt u..
But in a long run u’ll be thanking me
For leaving u behind…
And moving on…
To finding the right one…
I like u but..
Its just not right…
And if u think…
I’m not done with childish stuff…
Than ur wrong…
Sorry but we got to split up…
Everything is gone…
I am ready to move on…
I wash my face w/ cold water
trying to wake up…
All the things you told me
And all the e-mails you send me…
All the voice messages you left me…
Everything is gone…
U made me cold inside…
From my body to my soul..
I blame you for..
For everything you’ve done…
I hate you with all I’ve got…
I would do anything and everything…
To see the day you’ll beg for more…
That day will be too late…
When the memories will hit your mind…
When you start to drawn in your own tears…
And hating everything around you…
Because you miss….
The one and only thing that made your life what it is…
We met...
           We kissed...
                       We watched...
                   time pass by in front of out eyes...
 We fought...
             I cried...
                        I watched...
                              you kiss and hold her in your arms...
             I imagined...
                       You holding me so tight.
                             But the image of me cry...
                                       broke everything inside...
                   from my eye to my heart...
                                     I am blind...
                                           the only thing I see...
 is a false image of you and me...
 By Me
October 30th, 2005
Same thing over and over again.
I get this crazy idea in the back of my head.
I think about it everyday,
And dream about it at night.
About you and me,
And if everything is alright.
It drives me crazy
Thinking about it all.
I try to go on,
But something is wrong
I question myself about us,
And if there’s a chance that all this is just a simple lie.
A flick, a game,
It’s driving me insane
By Me..
October 25th,2005

The Pain Behind These Smiling Eyes
The only one I want
is the only one I'll take
So don't leave me shaking
Thinking this is all fake
I know what I don't have
Thats what kills
I was too damn stupid before
Like I was on pills
Those 3 months
Flew by too fast
I wanted it
To forever last
To see you now
As you softly laugh
Makes me not see
Where leads this path
If you could only feel
Or at least see
The pain behind these smiling eyes
Where love can't be free
I'm broken without
Life was too good before
This miserable life
Will be shut with the door

Brake Up...
I don’t know how to deal w/ the fact that you’re not mine.
I keep on thinking about your smile.
Remember what I told you?
Before we broke up?
That I will always love you
And will remind you about your feelings, that you had deep inside.
Do you remember calling me every night, and saying the words “I love you?”
Because I do,
Every morning you would call too,
And I would start my day thinking about you.
Remember calling me when I’m at work
And all you said was
“I miss you"
That showed me that you cared,
But now it’s all gone.
And I end and start my day w/ a tear.
And a broken heart.
{By Me..}.
Not You
I'm sorry for all the things i did to you.
I didn't mean to do
I was Confused didn't know
What to say or do,
The guy i liked got someone new.
I was confused didnt know what to do.
You were his friend the one he trusts.
I guess you knew i liked him not you.
I'm sorry for the things
I didn't mean to do.
I hurt you and i know it's true.
I still like him but not you!
{By Me}
I sit here and wonder why
I wonder how will i survive.
W/o you, w/o light
W/o no where to hide
I want to live I really do,
but how can i live w/o you?¿
I sit in dark and wonder why
Why do I like you, and how to survive. 
  {By Me}
 Most Important years in my life is my teenage life.
but it's so confusing that I can't sleep all night.
Sometimes I want it to be over, but sometimes I don't,
Because problems get bigger once you're old.
Who makes life so confusing?
The answer is BOYS.
Life would be easier if they knew what they want.
{ By Me}


It was my loss

You took my life when you left

Now I got to move on

And try to find a better guy

I remember when we broke up

I acted like I didn’t care

I know I fucked up

Time goes by and I go from guy to next guy

Hoping that the feeling will go away

Hoping for my dreams to come alive

But it isn’t the same without you in my life

{By Me}


Do I make u think about me,

And dream of me each night.

U know u love it babe,

And get scared sometimes

When u see me w/ a different guy

I drive u crazy

Yes it’s love, better get used to it.

I will make u happy and sad sometimes

My eyes & Smile drive u nuts.

U want me

I’ll tease u each day more & more.

I’ll make u beg for more

I’ll make u cry and swear

I’m the only one.

I’ll brake up w/ u and take u back just for fun.

I’ll stay with u babe because

I feel the same way.

{ By Me}

The footprints are still there
The ones you left on my chest
My heart still beats your name
I can't lay the rhythm down to rest

Staying high on your breath
But living low on sleep
Each day bears the reminder
Of what i never could keep

The loud silence surrounds me
But your voice lulls inside me
Whispering stay strong
Whispering move on

Twisted the thoughts come
Splitting in two
And I can only beg to wonder
Why my insecurity breaks thru

Nobody could possibly accept
Any of tomorrow's bold gifts
Gripping tightly regrets
And letting go of what-ifs

There's a purpose for everything
But i still don't know why
Loneliness resides in my back pocket
And foolishness in my blind eyes






He needed her kiss
She longed for his touch
He wanted to hold her
Thats not asking for much

So distant they were
But so close were their hearts
The feelings they felt made up
For their time spent apart

They spoke every day
But the lonely nights got longer
All the wrong words said
Only made the love grow stronger

People told her it was not real
They told her it wouldnt last
But she knew he truly loved her
She could not put him in the past

She called him late one night
But he never answered the phone
He was always there for her before
Why had he left her alone?

She tried to call him back
As thoughts ran through her mind
She was afraid he was with someone else
She did not want him to leave her behind

The next day he did not call
Knowing he had treated her wrong
Thinking of what he did the night before
Left him depressed all day long

She sat there crying in the dark
As he did the same two thousand miles away
He picked up the phone and dialed four numbers
Before he realized he had nothing to say

Three long days passed
They still had not spoken
She was more scared than she had ever been
And her fragile heart was broken

He knew what he must do
He had to tell her the mistake he made
Despite the fear of what he could lose
He dialed the number and the phone rang

It shocked her when she heard the ring
She hesitated before she answered
And when he told her he slept with another girl
The tears fell faster

She wanted to hang up right then
But she listened to him apologize
She tried to make out his words
Through the sobs and sad cries

She couldnt forgive him at the moment
She simply said "alright" and left him there
He stayed on the line long after she left
Then he grabbed his dads car keys and ran down the stairs

She lay in her bed
Clinging tight to the sheets
She did not even move
She just wanted to weep

He drove farther and farther
Miles from his hometown
He just wanted to take her in his arms
He had to get to her somehow

He drove as fast as he could
Did not care about the traffic
Then out of nowhere
Thats where the crash happened

She did not sleep at all that night
She couldnt stand the pain
Before she began to take a shower
The phone started to ring

She did not know who it was
But she ran to the receiver
She thought at first it was him
Instead it was her mother

She could tell her mom had been crying
When she told her to turn to channel two
The phone fell down hard on the floor
When she saw what was on the news

The funeral was tragic
She had not seen him in two years
Seeing him lying in the casket
Is what brought all the tears

Old memories started to flood back to her
Most were good but some were bad
Thats when she realized
He was all she ever had

"He was only eighteen," she heard them say
"He had so much to give."
She wished so hard that it could have been her
She wished he would have lived

The thing that hurt her the most
Is that he was almost at her home
She kept thinking he might have survived
If only she had known

After the funeral the police came to her house
And handed her a letter
It was an apology from him to her
Saying that he would make this all better

It was the sweetest thing she ever read
And it brought more tears than ever
She read it over and over again
A tear falling with every single letter

It said how they would spend their life together
Get married and have a family
It said how much he loved her
And how he promised to make her happy

She went home that day
And just sat alone on her bed
Reading his words again and again
Repeating them in her head

She took out her scrapbook
And looked at their old pictures
Her heart filled with pain
Knowing that he was not with her

She grabbed a pen and a notebook
And began writing a letter
When she finished she folded it up
And bowed her head with a prayer

She went into the kitchen
And found the sharpest knife
She had made her decision
She gave up her life

It was not because she wanted to die
She just wanted to see him again
And as she took her last lonely breath
She was thinking of him

They found her on the bed of blood
With his letter in one hand and hers in the other
They saw his picture lying on her heart
And knew they were finally together

Your Heart...
Why did it have to be this way?
Our love, I thought it would forever stay
My pain, my suffering it just won't go away

You were my everything
My heart, my soul
You were the reason of my being
Without you I can never be whole

It was you who taught me
How to live, how to love
You are the reason you are the key
To why my heart fluttered like a dove

I had the treasure of a thousand worlds
Gold beyond any other
But now I have forever lost it
Your heart, it belongs to another...










Who listened all those times, when you were feeling low?
Who sat beside you in rough times and helped you where to go?
Who cried when you cried, and helped away the tears?
Who tried to stay next to you, and help you with your fears?
Did you forget, That I gave you my heart?
After you left, My whole world came apart.
Did you forget, all those nights we had?
And all those times you said you loved me, now it makes me sad.
Did you forget, when you called I was there?
I always helped, when you were in despare.
Well I remember all those times I made sure you were ok.
Cause if I get to see you smile once, it will be a better day.
You are now gone, but the memories still last.
It is hard to put the ones away with love, thats in the past.
But you can still call, I will still be there.
It will still be like before, I will always care.
And remember it wise, or you will regret.
Because I will always be there for you, or did you forget?








~Do U want me? Whats the Matter?~



Do you want me? What's the matter?
You're afraid some door will close?
You want the scent without the rose?
The moans of love without the chatter?

You think our love might be a tomb,
The only exit through my pain?
You'd rather put things off again
To give your fantasies some room?

You think: she's great, but in a while
I might get bored? Or something better,
Filling out a tighter sweater,
Might flash me a quick come-on smile?

You don't want to be tied just yet
To just one future, just one kiss?
You think about all you might miss
And hold out for a better bet?

Well, fine! But then why do you haunt
Me like a jackal night and day?
Why, when my interest seems to stray,
Are you so sure of what you want?

Why, when I dare so much as laugh
At some guy's jokes, you go ballistic,
Nasty, borderline sadistic,
As if somebody touched your stuff?

And yet when I hook on to you,
You will not let yourself be mine,
Take out your fears and draw a line
Between what you and I can do?

But freedom must be mutual,
And it takes two for one embrace.
You can't both love and freedom chase,
Unless you would adore a fool.


 i miss the way u hugged me and the way u played with my hair
i miss the way u kissed me and the way u'd always be there i miss everything u taught me like when you taught me how to fight i just cant accept the fact that now..im alone at night
i miss the way we talked like we were best friends
i miss the way we walked the walk that never ends
i miss the way we'd mess around like no one else was there
i miss the way u telling me.. how much u really do care.. i
 miss the way we would party hard till early the next morning
i miss the way when we would sleep about you, my dreams would be soaring
i miss the way you loved me and how i thought you n me would soon be together forever.. well a gurl can dream.. cant she?



.Tears Of A Tragedy by Shelley from Essex, England

         " Your Warning"            
Don't fall in love with me
Because I'm rather confused
Afterwards I don't want you to feel
As if somehow your heart was used

Don't get any closer to me
Please, just don't make the time
Because there is no guarantee
That the lips you kiss will be mine

Don't fall in love with me
Look deeper then my skin
Then you'll hopefully understand
Why you can't have the heart within

Don't get any closer to me
I don't want to be your regret
And I don't need another voice
That I try to force myself to forget

Don't fall in love with me
You really don't have a clue
Of how carelessly I can be
And how easily I could hurt you

Don't get any closer to me
I don't deserve your heart
Knowing me I'd screw it up
And leave you torn apart

Don't fall in love with me
Don't even take the leap
Just stay on the sturdy ground
With the earth under your feet

Don't get any closer to me
Just stay right where you are
You're not too close to me
Yet, you're still not that far

Don't fall in love with me
Can't you and I stay, "Just friends"?
I've begun so many new things
I don't need yet another to begin

Don't get any closer to me
Hurting you wouldn't be fair
So this is your warning
You're safe standing right there

YaLL LoOk aT mE aNd sEe iNnOcEnsE
BuT yaLL gOt nO dAmN cLuE WuT iVe eXpErieNcEd
iF u NeVa MeT mE u GoT nO RiTe 2 JuDgE mE
i kAn b NiCe bUt iT CuD sUmTiMeS gEt uGLi
 iM tHe BaDDeSt BiTcH, CaNt No HoE FaDe DiS
PaiD BiTcH iN a GRaY SiX MaDe BiTcH
BLiNGiN BoUt 10 KaRaTz iN MaH BraCeLeT
STiCk YaH ToNgUe OuT iLL LeTcHu TaStE DiS
iMa RiDe YoU LiKe a MeRCeDeS
MaKe u WaNNa Do CrAzEe sHyT
ThE TyPe u AiNT DoNe WiT oTHa LaDiEzZ
iMa *LiCk* u uP N DoWn TiL u SaY *SToP*
iMa *PLaY* WiTcHa BoDy n MaKe u *HoT*
iMa Do aLL Da THiNGz u WaNt mE ² Do
CoS ²NiTe BaByBoY iMa PuT iT oN YoU
  All YeW HoeZ ThiNk YeR FiNe
* HaHa.. pLeaZe.. *
I*ll SteaL Ya MaN n sTiLL KeeP MiNe!


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