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...I LoVe YoU All...
Here are some of my close girl friends/ or some of the girls i used to be close too..
You all have a place in my heart...
Thx 4 everything!


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Me and Lyuba
@ The Village...Drunk?

Well what can i say, i am really happy we got to know each other, and became friends. It's always fun going clubbing w/ u, and always fun talking to u...I love ur advises. Ur the bestest friend any1 could ask for. I hope we stay friends for looonnnggg time...I luv ya like my sister...


ME Krystyna and Olya @ Valetinos


Hmm well even tho we fight over stupid lil' things i still love ya...i cant believe we became such good friends, over such short time...i luv chilling w/ u...will never forget our fun times w/ *K*A*R*Y* haha crazy times...and will never forget our drinking and dancing @ CY's...i luv working w/ u...time goes by so fast when we work together...i will miss ya when u move back to Los Vegas... =o(....remember our best friend dating? haha...that was funny...anyways stay kool and sweet luv ya...
It's the little things that matter, that add up in the end, with the priceless thrilling magic found only in a friend.
i have strength, i have strife, but with no friends, what's left of life?

Me & Katie on Halloween


Wioleta and I
@ Spinx

Wioleta and I
@ Dakota's

    Well honni where should i start? we kno each other for 4 years n' we always been best friends. N' even tho we grew apart now we still talk n' i cant believe we still trust each other, u da bestest friend i ever had n' i dont kno wat i would do w/o u. Im glad we talk n' im happy that u tell me everything that is going on, damn it makes me cry to look back on da days when we used to cry n' laugh together n' talk all nite, n' da lil notes when we thought we gonna die hehe...n' when we used to walk around n' just talk n' all da parties that we went to,,,we always were together no matter wat, n' omg remember da park when it was so cold? i still luv ya girl n' i will never forget u, n' i hope u kno i will always b here 4 u no matter wat.... :)
"Best Friends"
Although it's quite a statement,
well it happens to be true,
the best friend i'v ever had,
I'm glad to say is you,
You're there if I should need you,
and you never turn away,
I know I can depend on you,
at any time of day,
We've had our ups and downs,
as nearly everybody does,
but problems never last long with special friends like us
Some people have so many friends with whom they spend there time.
But no one has a best friend who's as wonderful as mine.
So thanks for always being there, our friendships strong,
and I just want to let you know,
I'm always here for you!

da bestest friend i ever had

Awwww Awwww

Me & Loletka
@ Sphinx Duhhh...hehe

Hey Honi, well it's been 6 years since the time we met, and started to hang out...I know @ first we hated each other, but soon that hatred grew into something speacial...BEST FRIENDS..
I love you like my sister, we had our ups and downs, but our friendship always survives.
NO matter what @ the end your the one who crys w/ me and your the one who helps me up @ hard times.
Your move from River Grove to RomeoVille was a big change, yet we still go out clubbing and drinking...
Stay the way you are...
It all began in 7th grade.
The year everything changed.
We hung out, got closer.
We moved on, but still together.
Growing up, make-up, boys & gossip.
That was the regular stuff.
Through the pain and sorrow, we remained.
Movies, Mall..
together Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall.
We stay together no matter the distance.
 Best friends in an instant.
Thank you for being there in my time of need and care.
I'll be there whenever u need me.
I love you, you are my best friend.

~Me and Wioleta~

We used to hate each other, or should i say i disliked you haha, your the sweetest girl ever, i always have fun with you no  matter what we do.
Valentino's was always fun.
But the fact that you DO NOT DRINK kills me,
haha jk.
Stay sweet.
<3 ya

Me & Loletka

Kasia & Iza

      People and things change....nothing to say...at this point....have fun...dont forget about all the crazy & fun times...
I think all this....is for better....we went our own ways...
DONT FORGET: we always had fun...we always did crazy {stupid} things together....got drunk together....and had lil sleep overs....all the fights we had....was for nuttin....anyways i am always here for u...good luck w/ ur life...


Me Guy Loletka

~Pipcia {Marta}
Hey girly...well where should i start? I know you for a long time...and we had a lot of downs and ups, we always find something crazy to do...SPRING BREAK 2005 was the shit lol...chillin at the hoter all week {super 8} lol is the shit...had so much fun...lol gettin drunk...yah and Energy was fun too..lol too much Hip Hop tho...ohhh lol remember "We dont know nuttin lol, we were in MC...lol on Iring and River Rd..." hahaha that day was the shit...:o)...but yah...anyways ill c ya soon...we got to think about something crazy to do again...haha...

Omg gurl i just luv ya...ur my big sis for ever n' ever...lol i got a question...if ur my big sis y do i have to take care of u all da time hehehe...j/k u kno i luv u...gurl u too nice to ppl...u need to get a new attitude...just like me hehehe...im always there for u no metter wat 24/7...good luck w/ everythin...n' dont let u kno who bring u down...muahhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I LOVE YOU MY BIG SISTA...

Innocents & FanTaSy,,,4ever


~*~Me n' muh Gurlz~*~
2/7/04...partyin our asses off!~!~!

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