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R.I.P. Bartek
July 15th, 2005
I will ALWAYS remeber you. :o(
One more friend LOST....
Remembering all the rides and all the fun we had...and just a week ago when we were by Streets of Woodfield...laughing...having so much fun...Nuttin will ever be the same without u, and ur lil jokes....
Lova ya Hon... Rest In Peace....

<> RIP <>

As i lay in this bed
im praying to you
To take me outta this world
Which is makin me blue

I cant take it nomore
all this sorrow and pain
Im so scared of tomorrow
and im scared of today

When will i do it
when will i say goodbye
When will i leave this pain
and when will my spirit fly

When will i be able to smile
and walk with my head held high
When will i be able to sleep
without having to cry

I cant take it no more
god bring me home
Down here im so scared
and im all alone

Well here i go
this is my last goodbye
Finally no pain
And no more will i cry


I miss you so much
Why'd you have to go?
You left in such a horrible way
The crash, the sound, the blow
Everyone's still crying
They're hoping it's not true
Looking at old photos
Remembering everything of you
They play our song out loud
Tears start flowing from my eyes
As I walk up to your casket
And I start to say goodbye
My sweaty palms hold the key
You said it was to your heart
You promised that we'd be together,
Friends from the start
You said we'd never part
People say that I'll get over
But I know that it's not true
You were the best guy I ever knew
And  I'll remember you in everything I do"



RaFal Pawlinski March 4, 1988-Jan. 8,2005.

~Elusia, Natalka and Rafal~

I still dont want to believe in all this...i cant believe he's gone...we weill always miss u. think of u...
God, i remember it as if it was y-day when we met and u helped me out a lot...i called u my Hunny Bunny and even tho u hated it...u did not say a word...we went to school together and had the same classes...still remember Mr. J's class when he kicked u out...after school me and da girls went over and bitched him out...what about science our freshmen year? i always did ur HW and helped u out...and remember the park when it was so cold out, and we set and talked...i will never forget the things u told me...that nobody else knew...i will always think of u...and will always cry...cuz we all miss u so much...and the tears just never stop...WE LOVE YOU RAFAL... you were the best guy in the world....

~NaTaka N' Rafal~



                                  "*Near to the door*
                                  *she paused to stand*
                             *as she took his class ring*
                                        *off his hand*
                                *all who were watching*
                       *did not speak* *as a silent tear*
                            *ran down her cheek*
                          *and through her mind*
                             *the memories ran*
                   *of the moments they walked*
              *and ran in the sand hand and hand*
           *but now hia eyes were so terrible cold*
                   *for she would never again*
                             *have him to hold*
                      *they watched in silence*
                          *as she bent near*
                  *and whispered the words..*
                     *""I LOVE YOU"" in his ear*
             *she touched his face and started to cry*
            *as she put on her  ring and wanted to die*
               *and just then the wind began to blow*
                     *as they lowered his casket*
                              *into the snow....*
                           *this is what happens*
                             *to people alive.....*
                         *when friends fall in love....*


Can my life get better?
Or is it gonna stay?
Can I start again?
Or will it go away?
Can I ask you something?
Why did God choose me?
Can I take I back?
Or will it always be?
Can I find my mummy?
But why?d she leave me here?
Can I stop this hurting?
Who?ll wipe away my tear?
Can you make me happy?
Then why am I so sad?
Can you tell me exactly why?
Why were you so mad?
Can you take my life?
Cause I don?t want to live
Can you tell me why you left?
I have my life to give
Can you tell my daddy
That it?ll be ok,
I?ll be waiting for him
And I?ll see him soon.. one day
Can?t somebody hear me,
Promise you won?t cry?
Cause it was my decision
It was my choice to die
Can you promise something?
Please smile when I go
I should?ve told fedel my heart
I guess he?ll never know
Can you understand me?
I?m sorry but it?s true
I couldn?t handle all the shit
That I was going through
My spirit inside, was captured
But I?ve just set it free
Tell everyone I?m sorry
But if you would only see
Abuse is really painful
I couldn?t take the pain
Don?t forget I?ll wait right here
To see you once again
I love you for your friendship
Promise not to cry,
I?ll see you in another life
I love you?..and goodbye

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