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Poems by Amanda!

Letting Go
She sits in the darkest corner of the room
she cant see anything but the broom
on the floor and the light
beneath the door
she closes her eyes
sees his beautiful brown eyes
she starts to cry she wants to die
she's hurting and upset that's all she knows
and that the only way of getting to go
is to let go
She's letting go of all the pain
she's taking a step that's insane
she wants to scream
nobody will care it seems
why, she dose not know
but she does know her only hope is letting go
every man or person she's ever loved
its seems her heart they've pushed and shoved
she crawls on her bed
pain and confusion are on her head
she cries and cries
thinking about all the lies
she's ever been told
she's through with it
she's Letting Go

 A Broken Heart
She lies in the darkest corner of the room
corner of the room lying next to nothing but the broom
She's lying in a puddle of her own blood but because
there is no light it looks like mud.
No wounds or a mark that shows cause of death
and as she took her last breath
she knew it would be hard for police to understand.
but then her mother saw his picture in her daughters lifeless hand.
Even though he didn't hold the dart she knew that her daughter was killed from her broken heart.
The blood resembled the broken heart because it had been torn apart.
there was a letter that said don't worry I'm happy and I feel better
Why did you do it?
Why did you lie?
Why did you take away
All of my pride?

Why did you hurt me?
Why'd you make me cry?
Was it your goal
To hurt me inside?

Did you plan this out?
Or did I just get boring?
I know without a doubt
That I can be a little annoying

But I still loved you
And I love you to this day
But you will never ever love me
Or not in the same way.

Please give me another chance
Only just one more
I swear I wont screw it up
And I wont be such a bore.

Please love me again
Please hold me in your arms,
Please never let me go,
Entertain me with your charm.

I understand if you don't want to
Care for me anymore
Just know that I will care for you
Now and forever more..

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