Summer 2006

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This was the funnest trip! I love and miss all my friends back in Ukraine! I cant wait to go back for New Years...

~***Maryana {my best friend}***
{ thx for the fun times love you all and thx for being there for me for such long time}
~*** Ostap ***
~Roman {my "brother"}
~Petro R.
~Roman K.
~Taras K.
~ Roman {Masik}
~My lil bro Oleg

My 1st Week In Ukraine!



Haha dont ask they were trying to kill me! haha jk...
{2nd week}





Fun Beach Times






Awhh @ Krum nights after hot day on the beach!





Last 2.5 weeks in L'viv {Ukraine} :'o(
the best 2 weeks of my life!
i will always remember it!



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