Jessicas Poems

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Poems By Jessica

dont play with my heart
u say u want love me
if i would just come around
ur moving 2 fast
going further than any1 has b4
i know it wont last
u've been around baby
i dont think ur ready 2 settle down just yet
cuz ur still playing ur games
i dont wana share u
until i know ur fully mine im sorry but  goodbye

2 much has happened 4 me 2 just let u walk in2 my life
u have 2 prove 2 me playa ur gona only b mine
so now if u find me no fun, guess u betta leave because i dont play with love
n i wont let u play with me

so there u go just walking away
players wont stay least thats what they say
u cant lose something u never had
so im not heart broken this time
u can jus go play ur games
while ill wait around 4 my mr right


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