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HI, Here i will Post Poems by Other People, if you want your poems to be here, go to Forum, sign my g~book or e-mail me...thx..

...Poems By A Young Lady Named Tiffani...

Im not what you want me to be
I need my own identity
nothing you can say to me
will change the way that i see
im standing strong
i know your wrong
If you wouldve taken the time to ask
youd have seen im wearing a mask
im not going to be you
not after what youve put me through

You will never be able to see
that i need to be set free
you know, my smiles are fake
honestly, im about to break
lifes like a bad dream
i cant wake up, i try to scream
try to scream and shout
but theres no way out
please help me get out of here
before i shed another tear
i live in my own shell
in my own personal hell.

She said she loved him,
there would be no other.
If he just said it too,
she wouldnt be so blue.
She tried so hard
but it didnt go far
maybe love took time,
and that was fine.
But she couldnt wait forever,
after all the pain she had endevered.
somehow he gave her hope,
it didnt last, she had to recope.
She kept on believing,
but he kept on deceiving.
She could no longer take.
all of the heartbreak,
all of the pain,
she could no longer withstain.
no one could hear nor see,
her desparate plea.
She couldnt tell for sure,
whether anyone would ever love her.
she needed to know,
before she lets go.

She was her own worst enemy.
Enslaved in her own mind.
Somehow wishing to leave
She tried hard just to believe
Nothing worked out her way
No one in her life would stay
Hoping wishing endlessly
Trying but failing relentlessly
She knew she'd fall,
So she built up a wall.
No one knew what she held inside,
No one knew in  herself she'd hide.
Why did she act so tough,
Through a life that was so rough?





a single tear rolls down my face as i begin to cry
i cant do anything right no matter how hard i try
what am i supposed to do
i cant just ignore you
dont know how to deal with this pain
its all too much to contain
it just builds up inside me
why cant anyone see
my smiles are fake
im about to break
the cuts i make
is from what i cant take
nobody knows whats true
or what im going through

the feelings that you see
are different from what they may be
its not my fault not just me
its how they raised me to be
hold it all in
stick up your chin
they act like its such a sin
i could be tired cranky mad or sad
i didnt know it was so bad
no one can ever be
eternally happy
so why try to make me

"just because"
Just because im there
doesnt mean people see me
just because i stare
doesnt mean there is some one there
just because i want him
doesnt mean he wants me
just because i can
doesnt mean i will
just because it was said
doesnt mean it is true
just because you love me
doesnt mean i love you too
it is simply just because.

From the day I saw you
For so many years
I have loved you
Until that day
When you crushed my heart
and made me shed so many tears
why did you do it
how could you
why did you do this to me
you acted like you loved me
i do still think
that we could be together
but then i remenber
how you hurt me
I may not know you like others do
But i know what you did to me
even if it didnt hurt you it hurt me

i hope you know
what your doing to me
how i feel
i got all this misery
why cant you see
i need to break free
i cant stay here
but i do out of fear
if i had a hiding place
maybe there'd be a real smile on my face
cuz nothing goes my way
life gets worse each day
this place is like a hell
and now i say my final farewell




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